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The Eagle Front Cover

The EagleThe present front cover of the Eagle is taken from a drawing by kind permission of Larry Scrimgeour the artist, who briefly describes his work below.

The Celtic Fringe

They tattoo their bodies not only with likenesses of animals of all kinds, but with all sorts of drawing.” (Herodian AD208)

Long before these words were written the Roman army had tried to bring what we now call Scotland into subjection and had given to the fierce warriors who repelled them the name “Picti” (the painted ones). Like their Celtic cousins in Ireland, Brittany and all over mainland Europe they had developed an art form that was uniquely Celtic, incorporating animal and geometric motifs using the most basic of natural materials and adorning the most basic surfaces, their stone and their skin.

The circular drawings in this collection represent the results of a thought experiment that began when I looked at the bronze-age Pictish stones of Angus. Pictish warriors with round shields appear on these ancient stones but any symbols on them, if indeed any existed, have been eroded. I have imagined each clan to have its own adopted totem from the surrounding native wildlife. What might such shields have looked like? With the advent of Christianity, of course, to these motifs would be added the cross and trinitarian symbols, and the ornate three and five point rosy crosses.

Larry Scrimgeour
Pictus Pictor

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